About our post-harvest infrastructure

We are keen to make the common Indian Farmer - a formidable player in the world markets! This means creating the best of the best research and infrastructure facilities that will promote rapid growth and development. We envisioned being completely self-sufficient and self-reliant at all stages from growth of the crop to processing until it reaches the hands of our consumers. We set strict standards of quality and safety throughout the production cycle and chose to adhere to it with no compromise. We are super conscious about being sustainable and environmentally friendly during the process of development and growth.

In order to achieve this, over the last 17 years, we have steadily focused and developed all the necessary research and infrastructure facilities in-house. With the able support and guidance of an expert agro-advisory team, we have created top class infrastructural facilities that are the best in India and are comparable with the best in the world.


We provide 50 trucks for the produce to reach us from the remotest of places.

Handling Capacity

High volume pack-houses capable of handling 250 tonnes of table grapes per day employing around 2000 people.


Facilities built with a view to last for over 50 years and scalable to process produce from over 25,000 farmers


Solar power for over 30% of facilities reducing the need for use of conventional electricity supply.

Cold storage

State-of-the-art, large cold storage facilities capable of storing over 6000 tonnes of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Ripening Chambers

Natural and safe carbide free fruit ripening chambers that enable a controlled ripening process by maintaining temperature and supplying ethylene.

Asceptic Processing Units

Modern and safe aseptic processing units to help wash, clean, juice and pulp fruits in a sterile environment and package without preservatives.

Packaging Units

Packaging units for juices, jams, ketchups catering to own needs as well as other renowned brands such as Mother Dairy, Hindustan Unilever (Kissan) and Orana.