Transparency and Fair Equity

At Sahyadri Farms, we believe in having complete transparency, not just over our food supply, but also our operations. To give an example, we have initiated the project all our crucial data on a Blockchain backed platform, in collaboration with EmerTech Innovations .

What is the vision?

So this is what we're heading towards: creating a mega collective of crop-specific collectives

Imagine a farmer collective, with these crops. And now you have a neighbouring one with another set of crops. What if we could connect the same crop farmers, across different collectives, on a single chain? So we will have a grape chain, an onion chain, and so on.

So while we go on integrating value chain entities, we also go on integrating the farmer collectives together. The chain must keep getting longer, and its core link keeps getting stronger with the addition of more crops who can now collectively decide to negotiate with the market and manage supply. The other value chain entities like wholesalers, transporters, exporters, or e-commerce, are integrated on relevant value chains.

And this is already happening, Sahyadri Farms is assisting in incubating 50 largest farmer collectives in the state to help them form integrated value chains, and AgroTrust would be an integral part of that.