Traceability in Supply Chain in a nutshell

Farmer gets requirements

Farmer harvests the crop

Material travels to Sahyadri Farms

Processing and Packaging at Sahyadri Farms

Distribution Centers forwards to Retail Stores

The final product reaches you

Importance of Traceability in Farming

There is a significant rise in consumer expectations in food standards. More and more consumers want to know where their food comes from. The way the food supply chain is managed currently makes it challenging for the food producers, retailers and consumers to confirm the source of the products. There is a constant threat from adulteration and food frauds. Food Supply Chain tracking is critical to explore the source from where the food has originated or has been grown. This helps ensure that the supplied food is safe to eat. With the emergence of the blockchain, it has become possible to bring trust and transparency in the food supply chain ecosystem, ensuring food safety for everyone.

#KnowYourFood #KnowYourFarmer

We, at Sahyadri Farms, believe that everyone deserves to know where the food they eat came from and how it was produced. We promote utmost transparency to maintain a strong and lasting relationship with our customers. In our continuous effort to make safe food available to all, we have set up a retail division providing 100% traceable produce. This means that all the food we sell can be traced back to the farm where it was grown. With such a trace-ability system in place, Sahyadri Farms assures that its food is 100% safe.

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Use of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is a method to ensure that the data presented to you is trustworthy, because once something goes into a Blockchain database it can never be edited or deleted. This is where Sahyadri Farms is pioneering the way by ensuring that every relevant data is integrated with Blockchain, from harvest details, produce quality, price distribution regarding what are our costs and margins, how much the farmer earns, and so on. It’s all made easily verifiable for consumers by just scanning the QR code. We provide similar information to the farmers as well regarding what happens with their individual produce as it travels along the value chain.

Blockchain for Trust

With the advent of technology it’s now possible to provide information to the consumer related to the food’s journey, price transparency, and farmer details. It’s also possible to let the farmer know regarding what happens with his or her produce once it leaves the farm. By ensuring a two-way transparency and creating a bridge between the farmer and consumer we can ensure sustainability for the farmers and safe and healthy food for the consumers.

But it’s not just enough to provide digital information if there’s a possibility that the information could be forged or altered, and it’s for this reason that Sahyadri Farms is adopting Blockchain technology to lay a solid foundation of trust and transparency for all its information. The power of Blockchain lies in ensuring that information can’t be deleted or altered against the truth, and it maintains trust between strangers. We’re using Blockchain technology to record information of our food’s journey, as well as price transparency.

So, consumer knows all the details regarding their food’s safety and its journey, as well as what happens with the money they paid like what portion of it goes to which farmer. The farmers also have full view of their food’s journey after it leaves their farm.

We believe that sustainability can only be brought by committing ourselves to Trust and Transparency, and we’re using state-of-the-art technology to bring this vision to fruition.